Ralph Lauren Men’s Motorcycles Boot

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Today was kind of lucky day for me, I went to Nordstrom Rack at Downtown Seattle randomly due to a day off for college kids. I went straight up to the third floor as always to start my boots hunt even I have a pair of Dr.martens 14 holes on my feet. I usually starts browsing from size 10 1/2, even though they are too big for me, and I will browsing to size 8.5. My shoe size is US 9, still want to see if I see some cool boots in other sizes. I kept my head up because I know they always put the tall boots on the top of the shelf. At the aisle for size 9, I saw a really cool pair of tall boots on the top of the middle of the aisle. I went straight to them, they are a cool pair of motorcycle boots. I took them and tried them out. I took off my Dr.martens boots which they were so comfortable for all day wearing. Continue reading “Ralph Lauren Men’s Motorcycles Boot”

Hong Kong Traffic cop

These photos are from the internet. I don’t claim the ownership of these photos. More photos will be posted.

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Hong Kong Traffic Cop boots

There is not many information about Hong Kong Traffic Cop boots on the internet. So I want to take a chance here to give a brief description of them. I am not an expert and I don’t have a pair myself, but I have a lot of Hong Kong Traffic cop boots pictures saved for few years. This post is in Chinese too.

香港交警靴, 好難會係網上找到關於他們的資料. 雖然我沒有一對交警靴, 而且我不是專家, 但是我會盡量把我所知的資料寫上.

1. Hong Kong Traffic cop boots were originally made by a British boots company called Frank Thomas. Made in England. They make high quality motorcycles boots and leather clothing. They are hardy find now since the cop boots now are made by Hong Kong based company. The boots made by Frank Thomas have a their “V” logo on the tabs. They are about 16 inches tall. Back zippers for easy on and off. Hard plastic ankle guard for protecting traffic cop’s ankle. Extra leather near the toe for extra protection. The sole is low thread flat sole. They are very expensive compare to the cop boots made in Hong Kong.

Frank Thomas "V" on the tab

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I like to look around and look for stores that sell men’s boots.

Most of diaries that about boots I wrote are about how I walked around in the city and look for stores that sell men’ s boots.

They are in Chinese. And I dont know should I rewrite in English. But here are they. I wrote them when I was age of 14.

南角道 夾 衙前圍道

2004/8/10 荷里活廣場長靴店舖觀察

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