Cowboy Boots on Asian Men?

I have lived in America for awhile and I have always been fascinated by men wearing cowboy boots in public. I like the masculine look of a pair of worn cowboy boots. Cowboy boot heels have such a distinct clicking sound. I could tell by hearing if a man has a pair of cowboy boots on … Continue reading Cowboy Boots on Asian Men?

Cowboy in the next stall in bathroom

Nice pair of black dress cowboy boots.

Bootsighting At School

Fall is HERE and that means Boots Season is here. It's time to look at what's on guys' feet.

Dr.Martens 20 holes 1B60 boots Reviews

Review I am a guy and I just bought a pair of AMAZING Dr.Martens 20 holes 1B60 boots in women's size from I cannot understand why they call this a pair of women' boots since they are identical to the Dr. Marten's Unisex Original 20 Eye Boots (in Men's size), but with side zippers and taller … Continue reading Dr.Martens 20 holes 1B60 boots Reviews

I am making a fashion statement!

It has been a Long Long time since I post my photos. I had been really busy with everything. I am still wearing my tall boots everyday. This is my new outfit for this new school year. Polo, T-shirts with slim cords pants and my tall 17 inches Chippewa Engineer boots (Size 9). Stay tuned … Continue reading I am making a fashion statement!