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  • Vampire Diaries – Frye boots show

    I was surfing on the internet, and found out this teen TV series – Vampire Diaries. Both main male characters in the show wear some nice Frye boots. It is kind of funny because you rarely see both guys in a show wearing the same pair of boots! I personally like Paul Wesley’s boots better, maybe […]

  • Follow up on Hugh Jackman’s cowboy boots

    Hugh Jackman’s cowboy boots in Real Steel Enjoy!

  • Just saw a guy wear Frye Harness boots in Safeway

    I was in Safeway buying some grocery. And I saw a guy with dark blue straight cut jeans wearing a pair of Gaucho color harness boots. I can see his tall handsome shafts hiding in his jeans. I love this feeling that seeing other guys wearing them. And I felt they look hotter on him. […]

  • Would you rather wearing someone’s leather pants?

    For me, I think my sense of smell is too sensitive. I don’t like the smell of stink or old leather smell. I can’t stand them. Yesterday, I saw a pair of leather plants at Goodwill, a thrift store. They were only $15. I bought them just to try them. I thought leather pants should […]