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  • A rubber boots guy Encounter

    Tonight was probably the craziest encounter in my life. I was working alone in the library and suddenly I saw a white guy in grey sweatshirt wearing a pair of black knee-high rubber boots and studying. My heart was beating so fast and I obviously had a big turn on in my pants.  His boots […]

  • My BOL posts: Boot Sight at UW

    Posted by huskybootboy on December 11, 2009 at 00:57:04: Last night, I was in Odegaard library in University Of Washington, until 6 am in the morning and I saw a mid 20 years old guy wearing cowboy boots on the first floor next to the men’s restroom. I remembered I saw him before and walked […]

  • A guy wearing his Harness boots at the library

    These photos are taken in my university library on 3/9/2010 6:45pm. The guy was really shocking me when he has a really nice pair of brown leather harness boots. I really thought that he is a good boots wearer because he is skinny and tall. And the brown leather from Frye really shows the character. […]

  • Story: College Kids Wearing Boots

    When I was on campus I always wore cowboy boots and ran into many other guys who did too. One time I was in the library studying. I was sitting at one of those desks that have the high sides so you’re not bothered by people that sit down in the desk right next to […]