Coming out as a bootman

So I have often been told by my friends that I am the most straight acting gay guy in the world. This makes some sense because most of my friends are straight and associate anything related to gay guys with what they see on TV. For many of my friends, I am their only gay friend they have, and since I don’t fit the stereotype of what they see on TV they think I am straight acting. At times I have found this somewhat offensive, since I felt like my friends were constantly comparing me to a stereotype. Because of this fear I never told my friends about my boot and leather fetish, even though they were often telling me about their sexual interests. I essentially led two lives until recently, when I finally told my friends I am a bootman. But before we get to far ahead, let me give you some back story.

I grew up as a military brat on military bases. From a very early age I was surrounded by men in boots. My father, a military aviator, used to take me to his squadron when I wasn’t in school. Back when I was 5 or 6, only men flew combat jets, and it was a very masculine career field. Even my dad will tell you, back in those days it was a boys club. I remember how cool my dad and his fellow squadron mates were. The flew sleek fast jets, they were always warm and welcoming to me, always having a good time, and above all had a damn good wardrobe. Flight boots and flight suits. Almost every masculine figure in my life from when I was born until I was 20 wore boots and flew jets. It was all I was ever surrounded by, and I knew that when I grew up, I wanted to be just like them wearing boots and flying jets. Continue reading “Coming out as a bootman”

First Memories of Boot Fetish

Warning! You Got To READ THIS!

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In recent posts there has been discussion of TV shows where boots were prevalent, boots seen in school, boots on bikers, boots on cops, etc. I thought it might be interesting to hear your stories of when you first remember being attracted to boots, turned on by boots, mesmorized by boots, or whatever.

Was it a kid in school wearing harness boots, an actor on TV in cowboy boots, a local cop you saw riding by on his bike wearing Dehners, a biker who always wore engineer boots, a construction crew in their Red Wings, or some other scene or adventure? What got you interested in boots? What turned it from interest to fetish? Let’s hear your stories.

For me, it started when I was in the 6th grade, which would have been in 1955-56… a loooong time ago. We moved to the Junior-Senior High School that year, and I can vividly remember seeing the older guys wearing engineer boots under their rolled up Wrangler jeans. I loved to watch the guys working on their cars near the auto shop, because many of them wore boots. For some unknown reason, those boots were something that really caught my attention.

Then my friend Fred got a pair of engineer boots and I just had to have a pair for myself. Dad told me that if I wanted some special boots, I’d have to get a job, save my money and buy them. I did! I got a paper route delivering the morning paper.

It was a really big day when I walked into Abbott’s store and tried on those engineer boots I’d wanted for so long. I remember walking out of that store with the boots on my feet, proud as a peacock! They probably cost me about $19.95 or so, but that was a lot of money for a guy in 6th grade back then, and I was so happy to have them.

I’ve owned at least one pair of engineer boots ever since then! Of course I now own several pair!

As for boots becoming a fetish, I frequently checked out the pages of the Sears and other catalogs looking at the boots, at my Dad’s magazines where there were often ads for boots in the back section, and the westerns on TV where both the good guys and the bad guys always wore boots. I saved and bought more boots, including a great pair of green rubber boots that I prized and wore even when it wasn’t wet or snowy, and a nice pair of Wellingtons for when I dressed up. Luckily, my parents had no objections to me wearing boots.

I continued to wear boots all through high school and college and when I got out in the world working for a living… and I’ve never stopped.

The HOT BOOTS web site is just an added part of my boot experiences, one that I’m happy so many of you enjoy so much.


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