Guest Post: Men in Thigh high boots in Public

I received this email couple days ago, and I really want to share this. I am so glad that I created this blog years ago, so people who have the same interests can relate to my personal experience. I am thrilled to hear that my blog gave you courage to order your new thigh high boots and going to wear them in public.

I really don’t think men in tall boots in public cause any conflict or problem. I have been wearing tall boots in public and people DO stare at them all the time especially guys, but they won’t make any comments nor treat you in a different way. I actually have a personal pride when guys will stare at them, and I like the feeling of my footwear stand from the crowds.

Keep your boots on and be proud of them!



I came across your blog. like you I really love high boots.

Already for a very long time as as man I had the deep wish to start to wear real traditional overknee boots. In fact since my youth I have this desire, because I regarded high pirateboots than as very exciting. Till yet I only didn’t trust myself, to wear such very masculine boots in reality, as overknee boots seemed to be reserved for women. My highest boots until yet were cowboyboots, and only since a year I dare to wear those uncovered (so with my jeans put inside). To change from those half-high boots, only running up to my calfs, to real high boots is a big step than, as you will understand, as these are really an eyecatcher.

But several posts and blogs on the internet have encouraged me finally to take this step indeed. I have just ordered my first pair to be made by Jean Gabrit Boots for Guys in Paris. They will be even already be of the showily pirate-type, thus not only overknee, but with turned upside-down cuffs and four straps with very big silver buckles at the sides. As a startmodell we did chose the boots in the attached pic, so only higher and with a double amount of buckles. Soon as a man I will wear real high boots too!

I am very looking forward to receive them. I would like very much to wear my piratestyle overknee boots from the beginning as a standard everyday, and I hope I will indeed find the courage to wear them in public immediately. I hope reactions will be positive. I am interested in the experiences in this respect of those men who already dared to do so. If one indeed has found the courage to wear high boots in public, I suppose this to be very exciting.


Sendra Boots2 Sendra Boots

Newest Acquisition: Aigle Rubber Riding Boots

My newest acquisition, Aigle Riding Boots M. I bought them on during a sale couple weeks ago. They are very comfortable and have a good supporting sole. They are rubber but have a leather like look. Currently I am wearing them so I can tell you everything about them. They are made in France. They have a very snug fit. I guess it is because they are designed for European, not American. I have normal or slimmer calves but I can only wear them with super skinny jeans or tights. I can’t wear them with regular or slim jeans. I guess this is because they have different fits, M, L, XL and XXL. I assume that XXL is for people with bigger calves and longer legs. As far as the sizing, I usually wear size US 9 and I ordered 8.5. They fit fine. They don’t have a strong rubber smell due to they are highly handcrafted. They are 100% waterproof so they are great for Seattle rainy weather. I have been wearing them for a couple hours, and they are really comfortable so far. I actually like the tight feeling so I can feel the boots is hugging my calves. Great for walking and playing in the rain. It is a good buy if you are looking for a pair of riding boots to play around with, or at a much lower price than buying a pair leather made riding boots.

Definitely Give a try!

Buy Them @ Amazon
They actually come with 6 different calf widths. They have the calf circumferences listed on their website.

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Cowboy in the next stall in bathroom

Cowboy in the next stall in bathroom

Nice pair of black dress cowboy boots.

Coming out as a bootman

So I have often been told by my friends that I am the most straight acting gay guy in the world. This makes some sense because most of my friends are straight and associate anything related to gay guys with what they see on TV. For many of my friends, I am their only gay friend they have, and since I don’t fit the stereotype of what they see on TV they think I am straight acting. At times I have found this somewhat offensive, since I felt like my friends were constantly comparing me to a stereotype. Because of this fear I never told my friends about my boot and leather fetish, even though they were often telling me about their sexual interests. I essentially led two lives until recently, when I finally told my friends I am a bootman. But before we get to far ahead, let me give you some back story.

I grew up as a military brat on military bases. From a very early age I was surrounded by men in boots. My father, a military aviator, used to take me to his squadron when I wasn’t in school. Back when I was 5 or 6, only men flew combat jets, and it was a very masculine career field. Even my dad will tell you, back in those days it was a boys club. I remember how cool my dad and his fellow squadron mates were. The flew sleek fast jets, they were always warm and welcoming to me, always having a good time, and above all had a damn good wardrobe. Flight boots and flight suits. Almost every masculine figure in my life from when I was born until I was 20 wore boots and flew jets. It was all I was ever surrounded by, and I knew that when I grew up, I wanted to be just like them wearing boots and flying jets. Continue reading “Coming out as a bootman”

Bootlust: Jeremy’s First Pair

Conservative young attorney adds a nasty pair of Tall Texas Shit Kicker Boots to his collection of wingtip oxforts and tassel loafers. Five minutes after he pulls on his new boots for the first time , he’ll shoot off the biggest load of his life.

(Sorry guys, Bootlust forbid me to post any videos from them, but I post some pictures from the website, Enjoy! You can always get the videos by subscribing to their membership and keep their website going)


While he is opening a "BOX", but look at his well built body

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