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  • Guest Post: Men in Thigh high boots in Public

    I received this email couple days ago, and I really want to share this. I am so glad that I created this blog years ago, so people who have the same interests can relate to my personal experience. I am thrilled to hear that my blog gave you courage to order your new thigh high boots and going […]

  • Newest Acquisition: Aigle Rubber Riding Boots

    My newest acquisition, Aigle Riding Boots M. I bought them on 6pm.com during a sale couple weeks ago. They are very comfortable and have a good supporting sole. They are rubber but have a leather like look. Currently I am wearing them so I can tell you everything about them. They are made in France. […]

  • Cowboy in the next stall in bathroom

    Nice pair of black dress cowboy boots.

  • Coming out as a bootman

    So I have often been told by my friends that I am the most straight acting gay guy in the world. This makes some sense because most of my friends are straight and associate anything related to gay guys with what they see on TV. For many of my friends, I am their only gay […]

  • Bootlust: Jeremy’s First Pair

    Conservative young attorney adds a nasty pair of Tall Texas Shit Kicker Boots to his collection of wingtip oxforts and tassel loafers. Five minutes after he pulls on his new boots for the first time , he’ll shoot off the biggest load of his life. (Sorry guys, Bootlust forbid me to post any videos from […]

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