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  • Wearing my knee high engineer boots at a park

  • Boots in the Air

    Was relaxing in my boots under the sun…again….then I was kind of bored…so I took some jumping pics. Hope you guys like it! I took a lot of shots to get this one. I was really high and sweating. there is no gravity when you wear your boots.

  • Walking in hot cowboy boots

    I was running in the park then I saw this guy walking in his cowboy boots, which it is really odd in the park. He was listening to music through headphones so I didn’t try to say any compliment. His boots are hot and I love the way he wore his boots. So I had […]

  • My first pair of new rubber riding boots

    It was really nice day! So I decided go to a local park and wearing my smokin’ hot knee high rubber riding boots with my pants under them. I wore them for 3 hours directly under the sun, and I slept awhile in them. After I pulled them off and I put my hands into […]