Roll up your pants to show off your hot boots

At the mall

I was thinking how to wear my Chippewa engineer boots with a cool look! Then I got some inspirations from skinheads boots. So I rolled up my pants and show off my boots. It looks great! I like how you can see that skin little bit. Imagine my legs are wrapped tightly with the leather.

Skin + Leather

Bootsight in a big university campus

Bootsight at Red Square in University of Washington, Seattle.

This guy is so cool. He basically wears his engineer boots every single day I think. I am so proud of him wearing whatever he likes. They are really beaten up, you can see from the photos. I think I had ran to him last year and I asked about what brand are they. He told me they are made by Carolina. I hope to see him around.

P.S. I observed if anyone walked by would stare at his boots. There was absolutely no one notice them. Maybe because this is a very busy urban setting campus. But ya, no one even cares of what he wears. Again, this guy is awesome.

Following his steps…

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NYC bootsighting

Just saw a guy wear Frye Harness boots in Safeway

I was in Safeway buying some grocery. And I saw a guy with dark blue straight cut jeans wearing a pair of Gaucho color harness boots. I can see his tall handsome shafts hiding in his jeans. I love this feeling that seeing other guys wearing them. And I felt they look hotter on him. Even I have a pair of myself, but I always feel this pair is not enough me. I like how the Frye brown leather looks so distressed. Maybe because my pair of harness boots is a size 8, so the shaft is a little bit narrower, so people can’t really see the top of the shaft when I am walking. So now the question is should I get a pair of gaucho color size 9 harness boots from Frye? They are too good looking.

Got a pair of Dan Post Cowboy boots

Hey guys, I just got myself a pair of Dan Post Cowboy boots Size 9 from ebay.

Here are my new babies. Although the toes are pretty narrow for me, but it is excuse for me to wear themĀ  without my white Hanes crew socks. They are really comfortable. I wore them with running shorts and walked three hours in the park around my place. Love the sound made from the heels. Everybody in the park pretty much stared at them for a second as they passed by. Good job to myself.

They are proudly made in USA.