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  • Marching in my rubber riding boots

    more photos! 🙂 I can tell you they are really comfortable. They are cheap and they can make your sweat. Just spray Pledge to bring up the leather look.

  • college guys into rubber boots

    from hotboots.com/bol posts Hey Brad, My BF is 24 and not so much into boots as me (he likes leather pants) but he was so curiuos about some rubber hip boots I had for stream & shore fishing that he had to try ’em on. He later wore then to clean our back deck! I […]

  • Any college guys into rubber boots?

    from hotboots.com/bol posts Recently I saw some posts about college kids into cowboy boots and was wondering if any college guys were into rubber boots, especially hip boots and waders. I don’t mean wearing them to class, but enjoying them privately. I am a 23 year old country guy into wearing rubber boots and especially […]

  • My first pair of new rubber riding boots

    It was really nice day! So I decided go to a local park and wearing my smokin’ hot knee high rubber riding boots with my pants under them. I wore them for 3 hours directly under the sun, and I slept awhile in them. After I pulled them off and I put my hands into […]