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  • Dr.Martens 20 holes 1B60 boots Reviews

    Review I am a guy and I just bought a pair of AMAZING Dr.Martens 20 holes 1B60 boots in women’s size from endless.com. I cannot understand why they call this a pair of women’ boots since they are identical to the Dr. Marten’s Unisex Original 20 Eye Boots (in Men’s size), but with side zippers and taller […]

  • 121 Movies With Cowboy Boot Shots in Mainstream Movies

    1. 24 Hours Til Midnight (black boots with silver toe cap kicking another guy) 2. 3,000 Miles to Graceland (Kevin Costner) 3. 8MM. (Nicholas Cage…”Machine” is wearing Big Bosses in one of the sequences) 4. 8 Seconds (Luke Perry and others wear cowboy boots) 5. All the Pretty Horses (Matt Damon & Henry Thomas sitting […]

  • Would you rather wearing someone’s leather pants?

    For me, I think my sense of smell is too sensitive. I don’t like the smell of stink or old leather smell. I can’t stand them. Yesterday, I saw a pair of leather plants at Goodwill, a thrift store. They were only $15. I bought them just to try them. I thought leather pants should […]

  • I like to look around and look for stores that sell men’s boots.

    Most of diaries that about boots I wrote are about how I walked around in the city and look for stores that sell men’ s boots. They are in Chinese. And I dont know should I rewrite in English. But here are they. I wrote them when I was age of 14. 2004/8/5 看到一對最高筒的水靴,價錢HK$240 南角道 […]