New Kids on the block’s Tour 2011

Damn! Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block is really hot in his custom tall riding boots with side zippers! I bet he customized them so they can be easy on and off. However, I still like the traditional look without side zippers. But it is a better way for us with big calves.



Video: Korean Guys Wear boots!

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Mens Fashion trend in EU = boots!

was studying but ended up surfing on the web and looking for prada riding boots since there is a used prada riding boots sales for $120. I kind of want to buy them. So I saw this website is a report of recent fashion shows. And on this page,, the whole page, I can see male models wearing boots in every show. I am learning from how they wear now. I see that boots can be wear with anything. LOL.

here are some outfit I like:

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