Video: Bootboy Training Video

YES! Von RATH’s demands of his trainee are exacting and unreasonable! When our blond mounty comes home at the end of his shift, his BootBoy-In-Training is anxious –TOO ANXIOUS– to service VonRATH’s most personal needs. His rushes to unbuckle our TOP TROOPER’s gun belt and pull VR’s riding breeches down to his boot tops, but he is forcibly stopped. HE MUST EARN THIS PRIVILEGE! VonRATH’s gleaming boot leather has been skuffed during his day spent in the saddle on patrol. The BootBoy is ordered to use his own spit to restore perfection. He’s commanded to kiss the tips of his master’s silver spurs, then to sniff and lick VonRATH’s tall boots until permission is finally given to pull them off. BootBoy must use his teeth to tug off VonRATH’s think boot sox. He begs permission to kiss and lick his master’s toes. Then and only then may the gun belt be unbuckled and the riding breeches pulled down. It’s like a dance! One partner must lead. The other must follow. We supply the music. (It’s Vivaldi)

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