First boots conversation with a motorcycle cop

IMG_0004Today I suddenly had a feeling I want to go to McDonald’s for brunch.  I was thinking just grab and go via drive thru. But then I saw a nice Harley Davidson motorcycle with “Police” on it. I parked right next to it. And I ran inside as fast as possible and I spotted there is a motorcycle cop with his tall cop boots on sitting alone at a corner. It is really rare to see motorcycle cops in Seattle and especially they have their boots on. So I went right to my car to grab my stuffs so I could pretend I was studying while checking out his boots. This is my lucky day I thought. Good thing I had my Dr.martens 20 holes boots with me. I was thinking this would be the first time I am wearing a pair of knee high boots with a booted cop. Continue reading “First boots conversation with a motorcycle cop”

Stories: Pulling off a pair of Wesco Boss boots

Last night I finished work at 11 pm and I had the urge to go to the gay bar in Capital Hill in Seattle. I had 10 minutes to think should I go or not, I had to 2 times that I can go home but I just decided not to waste tonight chance to meet some guys. I went to the Cuff at around 12 pm. But I did not get in, once I parked my car, I saw 2 guys was wearing 2 pair of hot boots. I approached them and asked them can I take a picture of them. And one of them it actually a transgender and the other guy has eyeliner around his eyes. She was wearing a big coat with Wesco jobmaster and the other guy was wearing a pair of German officer boots with a black leather jacket and a black tight sketch pants. And I just took a pictures of their boots and left. Continue reading “Stories: Pulling off a pair of Wesco Boss boots”