Second NYC bootsighting

Nice pair of vintage brown ridging boots

Photographed in New York, NY

Noteworthy: Edward Green riding boots, contrasting red under-collar, piped silk pocket square.

via Unabashedly Prep – Redneck.


As someone who grew up in the Polo world, it became second nature to see men in tall riding boots. I don’t think it looks femme at all. Instead, very polished. I wish more men would take the risk.

IMHO this comes across as slightly more “Euro” than “Prep”, but wow, what a badass look. The jacket is great and the boots are even better.

This is great. Love the boots – suede uppers on a riding boot actually make a lot of sense, better grip.

Men In Riding Boots….Hmmmm?

I say, “Hell Yes”! Today, while roaming around NYC after a quick $50 gig (yeah, but they fed us breakfast and lunch, tho 😉 ), I run into…forget his name because he was speaking French to me and it sounded like Johnny Depp was talking to me, ha!…lost my train of thought.

Any, why, who…

Now, foregoing this chance encounter, I came across this new thingy of men in riding/knee boots that’s seemingly gaining some popularity. I don’t want to sound too…ummm…assuming, but the only men I have seen in these are stylicious “DIVAS”!

Well, Mr. France has turned me into a believer that the Riding Boot has reached the masses and with a little jealousy and envy I might add…The boots are sick!

…..and I’m curious what’s in the Louis V. to go bag!

via Men In Riding Boots….Hmmmm? | “STYLE” Less Than Ordinary.

Walking in hot cowboy boots

photo 2

I was running in the park then I saw this guy walking in his cowboy boots, which it is really odd in the park. He was listening to music through headphones so I didn’t try to say any compliment. His boots are hot and I love the way he wore his boots. So I had to stop my running and snapped a few photos and I ran past him to get the front shot.