Bootlust: I Want Reef’s Boots

The squad Capt gives Trooper Budge a chance to win that awesome pair of patrol boos with a shooting contest. No need to go to the firing range because Budge will bust his load right across the Capt's desk with Troop Reef's boots in front of him. Click more only if you are 18+.


THE MOTOR SQUAD is in bad need of a bail out. A local rich dude who could end the budget crunch with a single check takes a liking to the squad's Rookie Rider (MICHAEL JEFFERDS) after MIKE stops him for a traffic offense.   IF the 19 year old Rookie will agree to provide Mr. Money … Continue reading Bootlust: THE ROOKIE WHO SAVED THE SQUAD

Boolust: The MISSING 4 HOURS

This is one of my favorite postings I like that keep me subscribe to Bootlust membership for the past few months. Kid (Jake) is having fantasies about a hot local motor cop (Stafford) - Impossible fants in which this STR8 cop accepts Jake's invite to come home with him . Even more impossible, Stafford lets Jake … Continue reading Boolust: The MISSING 4 HOURS

Video: Menatplay – The Capsule Closet

Title: The Capsule Closet Starring: Michael Troy AGE: 28 BODY TYPE: DEFINED ROLE: VERSATILE ATTIRE: CASUAL A while ago we saw what happened when we played with Paddy O’Brian in the capsule closet. Now its the turn of hungarian Michael Troy to be our doll. Enjoy seeing him dressed up and stripped down in a sexy … Continue reading Video: Menatplay – The Capsule Closet

Videos: Booted Cop captured stripped Part 2

Rookie motor cop was supposed to be just an errand boy making collections for the mob,    but the vigilantes had another mission in mind for him. Want Full Length video and stills, click "Continue Reading" if you are 18+. Watch the Full length videos by clicking here!