Thank you for showing me “A nice world of tall boots”.

Even I don’t know you, but I really want to thank you!

Because of you from France, I started to know more brands of riding boots. Because of  you, I am really into boots now! Because of you, I bought my first pair of riding boots at age of 19. Because of you, I know that I am not the only guy who is into boots and think I am weird. Because of you, I know that expressing my interests with everyone in the world though websites is great. Because of you, I created this blog. Because of you, I love boots! Because of you, I learn how to tuck my jeans into my boots. Because of you, I can see bootmen all over the world by browsing their pictures.

I really like your websites. The organizations were great!  I bet you must put a lot of works on it. I have been going on your sites for a few years. First, you organized the gallery by brands. Now you organized the gallery by countries. You would increment how many people has visited one bootman’s page and show us a top 10 list. You also kept us updated by putting recent changes on the front page. And you put titles on all small album to help us spend time on your websites, because it is really well organized.

If the website was not shut down so suddenly, I promise I would save all the images from you website for future.

I really appreciate your works over years, I know that putting on a personal website may cost a lot of money and know! I understand you shut down the site so suddenly must have a reason. I am not going to blame on you. Instead, I will contribute more to the bootmen community by posting more of my works to thank you to bring me into “A nice world of tall boots.”

This blog is dedicated to you,

Hope one day you read this post and will decide to continue your great booted sites!’

Thank you so much, and this song is for you. Hope you have a good life.