Tecovas cowboy boots are my go to!

Previously I have shared I don’t like to wear western boots in public. In Dec 2017, I discovered a western boot company in Austin, TX who sells high quality modern western boots at a fair price. I like the color of the leather and they don’t have classic western boots stitching. I felt in love with them the first time I pulled them on. They required zero break in and felt like putting on a pair of gloves to your feet. They have very high qualify calfskin leather and low walking heels for all day comfort. I have to agree, they felt amazing since the first time I wore them. They also look great with many colors of jeans/trousers. They also smell great!

Me: Tecovas The Earl Boots

Keep your booted friends around

Long time ago, there was a guest post written by texasbootman. We met and became friends. He moved and now we live in the same city. The internet is so magical and connects people with the similar interests. I thought I was all alone. So if you have a friend who is also into wearing boots, you need to keep them around. Nothing is better than showing your true skin to another human being!

Me: Wesco 17″ leather lined engineer boots

His: Wesco 16″ leather lined harness boots

Leather pants with Wesco boots


Finally I have upgraded the domain of this blog. You can access this blog at bootboy.me

Wearing Cowboy Boots in Public


Justin Bent Rail Cowboy Boots – Puma Tan
Recently I have been seeing some comment from the readers on the previous post of my thoughts on Asian men in cowboy boots. I am more draw into the look of the cowboy boots after seeing many hot men in cowboy boots on Instagram. I think wearing cowboy boots is still one of the challenges I have in my life Continue reading “Wearing Cowboy Boots in Public”